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The customers of Ultimate Salon Studios are actually customers of the individual salon owners who operate at Ultimate's location. Feel free to call several owners if you are uncertain who will best meet your needs and price range. If you want more services than just one salon owner can provide, please make an additional appointment for other services or ask your stylist or esthetician to assist you with other appointments. If you want to put a large group together, for a wedding or prom night, most of the stylists see each other on a daily basis and we can arrange for a group to come in and have simultaneous appointments with different salon owners.


photo of Jen at Pivot Salon, Lynnwood Jen at Pivot Salon
Ultimate Salon Studios
19031 33rd Ave West Ste 200 Lynnwood | 1805 136th Pl NE Ste206 Bellevue
Lynnwood / Bellevue, WA, USA

Jen has been active in the beauty industry for 17 years, and in various leadership roles for 14 of those.  She is so thankful for this incredibly fulfilling career.  She absolutely loves the feeling when guests are happy and excited with the look created, when they leave smiling and have that extra spring in their step.  She takes pride in her ability to do an in-depth consultation, making sure she completely understands what they want, while being honest about what is or isn't possible, so that maintaining the integrity and health of their hair is a priority.

Jen pursues further education as it's important to keep current on trends and techniques.  This is critical as she must often tailor formulas and techniques to fit the specific need of each guest.  Sharing knowledge within the industry is also important.  She has taught classes both in-salon and as a guest artist in local cosmetology schools.

She has won the President's Award twice, Elite Stylist of the year twice and nine color awards.  These came with the perks of international travel, and the chance to study under some of the giants of the beauty industry.

Now onto the next excited chapter in this career.  The owner and operator of Pivot Salon.


Ultimate Salon Studios - 19031 33rd Ave West Ste 200 Lynnwood | 1805 136th Pl NE Ste206 Bellevue - Lynnwood / Bellevue, WA , USA -

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